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Business and Service Strategy Alignment


Business & Service Strategy Alignment

For Service Providers to maximize the effectiveness of the Services, it is essential that the Service Strategy is aligned to the Business strategy i.e. the Service Provider understands what the business is trying to achieve. When Business & Service Strategy Alignment is not achieved, the Services provided will not be fit for purpose.

When Business & Service Strategy Alignment is achieved, the Service Provider is able to define, design, implement and operate services that are fit for business purpose and ultimately ensure maximum value is delivered to the business.


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The key areas within Business and Service Strategy Alignment are:

Business Relationship Management

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship between the service provider and the Business.

Demand Management

Understanding and documenting of the use of services, both in current and future terms.

Financial Management

Accounting for the cost of service provision, providing a valuation of the services being delivered, the valuation of the assets that are in use in enabling those services and the costs of operating and supporting those services.

Service Portfolio Management

Dynamically governing and representing the commitments and investments made by the Service Provider to the Business.

Service Reporting

Producing agreed, timely, reliable and accurate reports for informed decision making and effective communication.



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